It’s Friday! So it’s time for new post! Today we will talk about one of my recent outfits, because it’s my favorite, I decided to share it with You. When you have perfect pair of jeans everyrhing is easy. This time I use white T-shirt which fits with everyhing you want. The top on it self has a name of my favorite rock band,which brings a little energy in the whole outfit. All that completed with fishnets which are must have this season. And when it comes to sneakers, I chose my favorite pink sneakers. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “Fishnets & Denim”

  1. Auch zur späten Stunde sehr hilfsbereit und freundlich. Ich war echt am verzweifeln, da ich meinen Schlüssel vergessen hatte und morgens sehr früh wieder raus musste.

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